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The Galaxy is at war! It is an excellent opportunity to start your own mercenary corporation and build up a massive fleet to rake in massive amounts of credits from your clients and investors. Purchase factories to mass produce your fleet's ships and take them to battle against never-ending waves of enemy fleets.

**Game Features**:

- Purchase factories to produce up to 10 different ship types, from the lowly Drones and Fighters to the massive Cruisers and Dreadnoughts.

- Complete Unlock targets and purchase Upgrades to acquire production and fleet bonuses.

- Hire a Commander to provide additional combat bonuses for your fleet.

- Acquire Investors to receive bonus credits for each surviving fleet unit after a battle.

- Unlimited waves of enemy fleets that keep getting stronger and larger as you defeat them.

**Potential Upcoming Features**:

- Multiplayer PvP

- New and Revamped Interactive Battle System

Developer's Notes: This is my first commercial mobile game produced only by yours truly. It is meant to be a stepping stone and learning process for me before I move on to more ambitious projects. I'm also not currently done with this game yet as there are a number of changes I'm planning to make, particularly to the battle system.

Thank you for trying out this game!


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Please fix because it looks like a wonderful game

It lets me download it but it wont open

(1 edit)

I see what you have done. I must say it has a classic feel too it.... Where you trying to simulate this for an XBOX???? Or, multi-platform?